Welcome To Your Journey

Now that you have heard my story, I want to help you with yours.

My aim as “The Business Buddha”, is to mentor you through the current stage of your business journey, and to help prepare you for the stages that lay ahead, by helping you in two distinct areas of life; Business and connecting with the inner Buddha, with the ultimate aim of delivering more balance and well being to your life.


  • Creating a simple business plan that defines your goals, and sets achievable targets, with a focus on bottom line profit growth
  • Extract the most out of your business
  • Bounce ideas with like minded support, and help yourself to understand what you’re doing wrong, and how to make it right
  • Understand investing in order to grow your business
  • Functional support around business processes and procedures
  • People – Assets or liabilities? Learn the two key questions for people you employ.
  • Ensure you get a fair return for the “risks” you take every day when you open your doors


  • What really is success and how to achieve it
  • Learn to “switch off” at the end of the day and leave work in the office
  • Create lasting habits that will clear your mind for the working day ahead
  • Learn valuable ways to cope with stress
  • Implement ways to let your business operate without you being involved in every decision, get back control of your life, and enjoy a holiday away from your computer and emails.
  • Get rid of your Buddha Belly!

Most small to medium size business’s can not afford a Full time CEO – you now have an opportunity to work with someone one on one who has not only worked for some of the largest multi national companies in the world (Pepsico, Unilever, etc), but has grown my own business over 13 years with 15-50% growth EVERY year, and ultimately navigated a course that resulted in the business being sold for multiples more than double industry standards.