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Ready to claim your LIFE back from work?

10 years ago, I was in your shoes. I had a successful and rapidly growing business that I had built from the ground up, starting with six employees, knowing exactly where I wanted to get to, and a clear vision in sight.

The only problem was, that while my focus was on building a business I could be proud of and achieving my goals, life around me was not so great. I was heavily overweight, stressing about making weekly supplier repayments, competitors, losing a major customer, maintaining product quality in a growing business, losing key staff and missing valuable moments in my children’s lives as they grew up around me…..

I was investing all of my time and effort into my business, and as the stress grew, so did my Buddha belly!

While I could now afford the freedom of buying luxury cars, travelling five star, dining out at the cities best restaurants, I felt like something was missing…


Fast-forward another 5 years, and I was at a point where the business had grown exponentially with over 140 people on staff, 2 giant factories and watching my product fly off the shelves throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and other parts of the world.

But during this period changes were being made. Health and life balance became a primary focus and improved significantly. I found ways to free myself as the “decision making bottleneck”, the late evening phone calls stopped. I found ways to improve both my business and my life at the same time.

Capturing the attention from a global giant with over USD$10 Billion in assets, I decided it was time to sell what I had built up, and focus on developing an even more balanced life – between Business, Body, Mind and Spirit.

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